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The machine must never be eco slim produktas for operations other than those eco slim produktas described in this manual, and exclusively with the bars and chains included. This machine must never be used when users are tired, or not in good physical condition, or if under the effect of any substance that may alter their physical or mental condition Make certain that the user knows how to stop the motor and chain in case of necessity.

Take great care and pay close attention at all times when using this machine, following all general behaviour rules according to good sense.

Control checks. Check the machine with care before use each time, especially if it has been subject to strong impact, or if it shows any signs of malfunction. Check that the machine has been assembled correctly, that all components are in correct condition and perfectly clean.

Make sure that all spanners and tools used for adjustment operations have been eco slim produktas, that all screws and nuts are in their correct housing and tightened correctly, and that the bar and the chain are mounted correctly.

Repairs and Maintenance. In the case of damaged or worn components, always use exclusively spare parts that are available from official distributors. Where necessary, all other machine parts must be replaced exclusively by an Authorised Service Centre.

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In any of the cases described above, the manufacturer will not be held responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property. In the case of any doubt, please contact an Authorised Service Centre. Maintenance in complete safety. All maintenance, assembly, disassembly and oil tank filling operations must be performed with the machine set in a stable position on a flat solid surface and eco slim produktas the cable plug disconnected from the electricity supply unless this is explicitly specified otherwise.

The chain must be stopped and the user must wear suitable protective gloves. Do not wear sandals and never work bare-footed. All protective clothing should be in good condition and well maintained.

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Health precautions — Vibrations and Noise levels. Avoid using the machine for long periods of time: the noise and vibrations can be dangerous causing irritation, stress, fatigue and hypacusia hearing problems. This can lead to a lack of sensitivity in the hands making it difficult to notice changes in temperature as well as causing numbness.

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When using the machine regularly or in continuation, the user must control the condition of his hands very carefully. If any of the symptoms described above appear, consult a doctor immediately.

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Avoid all chain oil contact with skin and eyes. Health precautions - Electricity. All extension cords, plugs, and electricity supply must be approved to standard and in compliance with current regulations. Make sure that the mains supply to which the machine is connected is equipped with eco slim produktas residual current device RCD with a tripping current no higher than 30mA.

Make sure that all cables, plugs, and the residual current device are in correct working condition, that they comply with required characteristics, are mounted or hooked up correctly and are perfectly clean.

Storcator de Fructe 476

Never disconnect the machine from the mains supply by pulling on the cable. Never use or store the machine and extension cord in damp environments. If the cable is damaged in any way, disconnect immediately from the main line socket, taking great care not to touch any exposed wires.

Avoid all contact with grounded surfaces when using the machine metal piping, cables, lightening conductors, etc. When working outdoors, all extension cords attached to the machine must be approved for use out of eco slim produktas. Avoid tying any knots in electric cables and never use rolled up extension cords. Health precautions - Heat. During use, sprocket and chain reach eco slim produktas high temperatures, take care not to touch these parts while hot.

Health precautions — Sharp or moving parts. Never touch the chain except when the machine is switched off; in any case, always take great care since the chain is very sharp and can cut even when stopped.

Work area. Check the whole work area carefully to check for any danger source e. Cluttered areas can lead to injuries: before using the machine remove any stones, glass, cables, metal components, cans, bottles and any other foreign matter from the work area. Also take into consideration any danger risks that may not be noticed because of machine noise.

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Make sure that a second person is within calling distance in the case of accident. When working in isolated areas, always carry a first aid kit and make sure you have advised others of your exact location. Never start work with the machine before eco slim produktas the following: remove the guide bar cover guard; make sure that a sufficient amount of oil has reached the chain; make sure you have a planned retreat path from falling trees when cutting trees.

It is strictly forbidden to use the machine for: removing branches or roots; in cases where there is any danger that the chain may come into contact with the ground, electric protection, or piled wood; for cutting very thin branches or bushes these will break easily and can whip bystanders or the user causing serious injury ; for felling trees without adequate training and equipment correct ropes, hooks, etc ; starting sawing operations with the blade already engaged in a previous groove or slit; using the machine while standing eco slim produktas stepladders eco slim produktas other unstable surfaces; using the machine in extreme weather conditions, inclement weather, with reduced visibility and insufficient lighting very low temperatures, very eco slim produktas damp climates, fog, rain, wind, at night, etc.

Always remember to: cut wood only never cut plastic, metal, stone, plasterboard or other materials ; make sure cura de slabire rapida barbati the switch is NOT turned ON before inserting the plug eco slim produktas the socket or releasing the chain brake lever; make sure that the chain is not in contact with any objects at the moment the switch is turned ON; Keep all bystanders and animals well clear of the work area where necessary, fence off the area and use warning signs at a minimum distance of 2.

Transport and storage precautions. Mount the guide bar cover guard each time before transporting or storage. Always carry the machine by hand with the bar facing backwards, or when transporting the machine in a vehicle, always attach it securely to prevent damage.

Never carry the machine by the cable. After use, store the machine in a dry, high place, far from heat sources and out of reach of children. Precautions against fire risk. Never use the machine in areas where there are naked flames, inflammable or potentially explosive materials.

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Kickback reaction. The kickback reaction is a very quick sudden motion along the bar cutting plane generally in an upward direction, but this also depends on the machine position during cutting action.


Kickback can make the user loose control of the machine provoking dangerous and even fatal accidents i. The eco slim produktas hand guard also acts as a chain brake, including a device that blocks the chain in less than 0.

The chain brake is released when the front hand guard is pulled backwards and clicked in position the chain is able to move.

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The chain brake is activated when the front hand guard is pushed forward the chain is blocked. The chain brake can be activated using the left wrist by pushing forwards, or when the wrist comes into contact with the front hand guard as a result of kickback. When the machine is used with the bar in horizontal position, for example during tree felling, the chain brake offers less protection.

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Releasing the chain brake whilst the switch is held will start the product. This mechanism is designed to stop the backward chain movement in the case of chain breaking or derailing. This acts to protect fig. When this occurs, stop and remove the plug from slimming ceai te face să te poop power supply, clear any obstruction and wait for a few minutes for the product to cool down.

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Reset by pushing back in the Thermal Cut- Out Switch. Resetting the Thermal Cut-out Switch with the chain brake released and the switch held will start the product. Take great care when assembling to ensure this is performed correctly. Check that the chain brake is not activated. If so, deactivate it.


Unscrew the bar retaining nut 2b. Unscrew the bar retaining knob and remove the chain cover. Ensure that the sharp side of the cutting teeth face in a frontward direction on the upper part of the bar. Wear Gloves. Ensure the chain tensioner pin is as 4b. Rotate the metal scroll wheel far back towards the sprocket as possible, anti-clockwiseas far as possible. Mount the bar on the bar retaining screw Mount the bar on the bar retaining and the chain tensioner pin and position the screw and position the chain over the chain over the sprocket sprocket.

Replace the chain cover, ensuring the drive teeth of the chain are engaged in the sprocket and in the guide groove.

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Screw the bar retaining nut by hand. Screw the bar retaining knob until unti loosely tightened. To tension the chain, screw the chain 6b. To reduce clockwise direction.

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To reduce tension tension screw in an anti-clockwisedirection screw in an anti-clockwise direction. Tension the chain until the tension is correct. Pull the chain away from the bar and ensure gap measures approx mm 8a. Tighten the bar retaining nut using the 8b. Tensioning the chain too tightly will overload the motor and cause damage, insufficient tension can provoke chain derailing, whereas a chain tightened correctly provides the best cutting characteristics and prolonged work life.

Check the tension regularly because the chain length tends to stretch with use especially when the chain is new; after the first assembly, the chain tension must be checked after 5 minutes machine operation ; in any case do not tighten the chain immediately after use, but wait until it cools down. Stopping: The machine will stop whenever the switch is released. In the case where the machine does not stop, activate the chain brake, disconnect the cable from the main line socket and take the machine to the Authorised Service Centre.

Eco slim produktas lubrication will provoke chain breaking and can cause serious and even fatal injury.

Wskazwki dotyczce bezpieczestwa i waciwego uytkowania sokowirwki 8 9 10 11 Nie wycigaj wtyczki z gniazdka sieci pocigajc za przewd. Sokowirwk podczaj jedynie do gniazdka sieci prdu zmiennego V wyposaonego w koek ochronny. Nie uruchamiaj urzdzenia, jeli przewd zasilajcy jest uszkodzony lub obudowa jest w sposb widoczny uszkodzona. Jeeli przewd zasilajcy nieodczany ulegnie uszkodzeniu, to powinien on by wymieniony u wytwrcy lub w specjalistycznym zakadzie naprawczym albo przez wykwalifikowan osob w celu uniknicia zagroenia. Napraw urzdzenia moe dokonywa jedynie przeszkolony personel.

Bar and chain lubrication is performed by an automatic pump. Always use new oil only special type for chains with adequate viscosity: the oil must adhere well and guarantee good running properties in both winter and summer. If chain oil is not available, EP 90 transmission oil can be used.

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Never use waste oil because this is this harmful to health, the machine and the environment. Make sure that the oil is suitable for the temperature of the environment where the tool will be used: For temperatures eco slim produktas 0°C certain oils become thicker, overloading the pump and causing damage.

Contact your Authorised Service Centre for advice on oil choice. Filling oil tank Unscrew the oil tank cap, and fill the tank taking care not to spill any oil if this occurs clean the machine carefully and then screw the cap back on tightly. In cases where work environments are particularly dirty or dusty, the operations described must be performed more frequently than mentioned.