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Grigore Ghica Vodnr. Antonio Sandu e-mail: antonio yahoo. Frank S. Tudorel Toader - Faculty of Law, Al. Professor Ph. Lynn D. Wardle J. Valeriu M. Ciuca - Faculty of Law, Al I. C t lin Turliuc Institute of History A. Cosmin Dariescu - Faculty of Law, Al. The journal is published twice a year as greutatea vă ajută să pierdeți în greutate no.

The Aim of the Journal.

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Although it was published only four years ago, the journal wants to create a debate and academic research forum in the following areas of interest: International Law, European Law, Compared Law, Romanian Law, Legal Case Studies, and Specialty Book Reviews, but also in other areas related to Law.

The following topics are within the purview of the journal: 1. International Law. Community Law. European Law. Compared Law 2. Romanian Law 3.

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Law and related sciences 4. Legal Case Studies 5. Reviews Scientific referents.

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The papers are reviewed by specialists and practitioners in various fields of Law and related subjects, both from within the country and abroad. The journal's target audience. The Journal of Legal Studies is meant for members of academic teaching staff in various Law- fields, for practitioners, for Ph.

We thank to all those who have supported us in the achievement of this journal. We are looking forward for your articles at: jls upa.

055 - Jurnalul de Studii Juridice 1-2-2010

Cerasela Dariescu Guidelines for Contributors General demands. The titles of the papers must be fat burn kurse fitx in English and French. The papers fat burn kurse fitx be preferably written in English, but they will also be accepted in Romanian and French, on condition that they are accompanied by an abstract or a summary in English. The abstract summary must fulfil the following conditions: it must concisely describe the content of the paper; it must be written in English; it must have about lines.

The paper will have to contain key words in English, written below the abstract.

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The content of the paper. The paper must observe the following conditions: it must be substantial, wellstructured, it must bring personal contributions by supporting or arguing against the current opinion in the specialty literature; it must contain, when there is the case, suggestions of lex ferenda; it must have conclusions and must not exceed 15 pages.

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Drafting terms. Title: Garamond, 14, bold, centred, in capital letters.

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The surname will be followed by an asterisk and, the author's quality will be written in a footnote: academic position, scientific title, institution or the work place. The abstracts and the key words will be written in Garamond, font size 11, italic, justified, line spacing: 1 line. If the paper contains several titles, they will be centred and written in italic. The footnotes will be numbered in the order they have been used in the text: Garamond, font size 9, justified, as in the following example: I.

The Bibliographic references will be grouped if necessary in the following sections: treatises, courses, monographs, scientific papers; legislation; web pages.

055 - Jurnalul de Studii Juridice 1-2-2010

The authors will be listed alphabetically, according to the following example: Filipescu P. The paper will be accompanied by a short presentation about the author, which should highlight: the academic position, the scientific title, the institution or the work place and the research or practical activity they have in the field.

Deadlines: The papers will be sent between: January May 15 for issues no. The selection of the papers will be performed as soon as they have been received but no later than June 10 for issues no.

The papers will be sent to the e-mail address jls upa.

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Drept comunitar. Drept comparat. Drept european Comunity Law. Comparative Law. European Law Droit communautaire. Droit comparatif. Droit europen Fat burn kurse fitx Community Patent and the Free Movement of Persons in the European Union Patentul comunitar i libertatea de circula ie a persoanelor n Uniunea European Roxana-Elena LAZ R Abstract: The theory of the exhaustion of rights, with general applicability in what concerns the intellectual property rights, implies that the patent holder loses a part of his prerogatives as an inventor as a result of the exhaustion of his right, from the moment the object of its patented invention is marketed by him or with his approval.

But the approach to the exhaustion of rights in fat burn kurse fitx MemberStates of the European Union has been a danger to the good operation of the single market.